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continuous News: Ada programming "sub-reddit" News, articles, and pointers to other items of interest about the Ada programming language
                               A summary of the international standard date and time notation

News20141221ph: please be patient, this document is being overhauled, which takes its time
(a lot of changes made today) when impatient please have fun with the Ada Gems of AdaCore

News20160316: Safe and Secure Software: An invitation to Ada 2012 by John Barnes
Barnes favorite booklet now online, too.

News20141210(@ Ada's 199.birthday): Ada Lovelace, the First Tech Visionary The New Yorker October 15, 2013
News20141112: Rosetta/Philae run on Ada
News20141111: 6th Ada Developer Room at FOSDEM 20150131 Saturday
News20140512: Ada Standard, Rationale and other Documents from
News20140508: Next-generation of SPARK static verification toolset released
News20140204: Ada 2012 Reference Manual. Language and Standard Libraries International Standard ISO/IEC 8652/2012 (E)
News20140204: Ada 2012 Rationale
News20131210(@ Ada's 198.birthday): AdaCore University is a dedicated e-learning center to teach the Ada language and the use of related technologies.
News20121210: The first programmer: How Ada saw the future of computing GCN Government Computer News
News20100928: The Ada Way annual student programming contest by
News20100727: SPARK Pro Adopted by secunet
News20100610: Lunar lander project relies on SPARK programming language EETimes Europe
News20100505: debian-ada
News20100407: Expressive vs. permissive languages: Is that the question? Yannick Moy on the choice of programming language
News20100215: Executing software contracts By Jack Ganssle ( DBC Design By Contract - Automatic Debugging )
News20100223: Leuven Technology Update Seminar: Ada and SPARK for Education and Research     (FOSDEM 2009)
News20100311: Turn data into spreadsheets with Excel Writer Swiss developer Gautier de Montmollin wrote Excel Writer last year in Ada
News20091126: Genode Labs to explore Spark subset to implement security-critical code Zero-footprint runtime for Ada/Spark for executing freestanding Ada code
News20091120: Software for dependable systems By Jack Ganssle in Embedded Systems Design ESD Vol22,#10,Nov2009
News20091013: x64 Ubuntu : Intel Q6600 quad-core Computer Language Benchmarks Game (mandelbrot)
News20090901: Software warranties - A new era? By Dr. Robert Dewar AdaCore
News20090101: 'Legacy' is not a four-letter word by Robert Dewar
News20090825: Examining your most important tools Consider, for instance, the SPARK approach, also called "Correctness by Construction."... By Jack Ganssle in
News20090703: Scala powerful software tool for experimentation with musical tunings developed in Ada with excellent free tools
News20090629: When less is more: Programming language technology for safety by Ben Brosgol
News20090205: A Principled Approach to Software Engineering Education, or Java considered Harmful by Edmund Schonberg and Robert Dewar
News20090126: Why aren't developers interested in Ada? By Jack Ganssle in
News20081212: smart card reader PCSC/Ada library to communicate with smart cards using the SCard API with Ada by Reto Buerki (LGPL)
News20081008: Safety and Security: Certification Issues and Technologies by Brosgol in Crosstalk Oct 2008
News20081007: NSA shows the way to develop secure systems     NSA case study on zero-defect software uses Ada     Tokeneer open source project for cost-effective development of highly secure, low defect software approved by the US National Security Agency (NSA).
News20081006: Ada for Netbeans by Andrea Lucarelli
News20080825: Software and Intellectual Property Rights in SoftwareTech by Robert B.K. Dewar, AdaCore
News20080111: CrossTalk 2008 January: Computer Science Education: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?
Dr. Robert B.K. Dewar, Dr. Edmond Schonberg, AdaCore

News20071116: Colossus geschlagen   SZ42_software by Joachim Schueth Dr.Dobb's Portal
coding-war-story news20071217

Introduction to Ada 95 in Embedded Systems Programming 200301 p.39 by Benjamin M. Brosgol The Ada Information Clearinghouse - AdaIC
GNAT, the GNU Ada Compiler from AdaCore and the Free Software Foundation
AdaCore GNAT GPL     AdaCore     AdaCore GNAT Pro     Ada Gems
Claw, rrsoftware, Janus, Randy (Randall Brukardt)     Claw for MS-Windows
excel-writer P2Ada UnZip-Ada TeXCAD GLOBE_3D mathpaqs Gautier de Montmollin
Pascal Obry tools in french: partial POSIX binding for Win32, style_checker, minimal ODBC binding, some OpenGL demos
Adalog Home Page ( french Adalog Home Page) (Jean-Pierre Rosen)     Components, OS_Services(english),   Composants, OS_Services(french)   adacontrol
ARA: The Ada Resource Association
"Ada helps churn out less-buggy code" by Tucker Taft   Sofcheck AdaMagic, SofPort, ISO9001
DLF Deutschlandfunk (Audio in German language)
Top 10 myths and misconceptions about Ada
SEI Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon
Who's Using Ada?     Educational Resources Group at GWU (George Washington University)     Michael Feldman's Home
German Press Release: Computerwoche 19990702p20
Die Programmiersprache Ada, Steffen Huber
OC Systems powerada (Oliver E. Cole)   Dirk Craeynest     ada-people.html
ASE, by Rick Conn, Kennesaw
adlibr: Ada Library Reference by John Beidler (old: 1999)
AdaBasis       (Erhard Plödereder)
JSW Technology Home Page, Win32 and MFC bindings, John Walker
Open Directory Project: Ada
Samuel Tardieu ( ENST INFRES ) FAQ fr.comp.lang.ada (in French language)

Ada Countries:
Ada-Belgium     Ada-Deutschland     Ada-France     Ada-Europe     Ada-Switzerland     Ada-Russia

Ada Wikis:
Ada wiki english   deutsch
wikibooks:     Ada_Programming     spanish     frenchFAQ     french     italian

Ada LRM, tutorials, books, and online books (Ada Programming):
Ada syntax by Pascal Rigaux ( Pixel )
book Concurrent and Real-Time Programming in Ada by Alan Burns and Andy Wellings
book "Programming in Ada2005" by John Barnes 828 pages+CD, ISBN 0-32-134078-7 (bei Wittwer im Pfaffenwald ~Euro66)
book "Ada for Software Engineers" 2.edition with Ada2005 by Mordechai Ben-Ari ISBN978-1-84882-313-6 published20090417 (bei Wittwer im Pfaffenwald ~Euro50)
book "Ada 2005 Reference Manual" ISO/IEC 8652:1995(E) with Technical Corrigendum 1 and Amendment 1, Language and Standard Libraries, Springer LNCS 4348
        (es gibt bei mir noch(20130326!!) wenige Exemplare fuer Studenten gefoerdert vom Ada Foerderverein)
Ada 2012 Language Reference Manual (LRM) and Rationale
Rationale for Ada 2012 by John Barnes
Ada as a second Language   by   Norman H. Cohen
AdaTutor by John Herro
Ada distilled ( SigAda) (Version July 2003)     Ada distilled (AdaIC) (Version July 2003)     mailto: Richard Riehle     (former destroyed)
Ada in Action (Do-While Jones) ( contents.html)
Lovelace Tutorial
Ada 95: The Craft of Object-Oriented Programming(pdf) by John English
Introducing Ada95 John Barnes
enseignerada.htm in French language in French language on System Safety, Software Safety Experts

Guide for the use of the Ada Ravenscar Profile in high integrity systems: ( Guide via UniKaITI )
The Ravenscar Profile Paul Parkinson Windriver 20061012
Ravenscar profile From Wikipedia 1998=oldest
Ravenscar (Distributed)   Ravenscar (Executive)
GNAT GPL for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - Ravenscar Edition

Operating Systems(OS) , Real-Time , Concurrency , Embedded , Microcontroller:
Ada Language Suits Real-Time Safety-Critical Needs in COTS by Benjamin M. Brosgol, Adacore
MaRTE OS is a Hard Real-Time Operating System for embedded applications (POSIX.13 compatible). Environment to develope Multi-Thread Real-Time applications.
mccormic/RealTime/ McCormick
Ada 9X for Embedded Systems Development by S. Tucker Taft (Draft of article submitted to EE Times, An edited version was published in the June 6, 1994 issue of EE Times on page 112)
Real-Time Concurrent Issues Drive Ada versus Java Choice COTS 2008 July: Brosgol
Ada and Java: real-time advantages in Embedded Systems Programming 200312 p.30 by Benjamin M. Brosgol
Real-Time Systems, Burns and Wellings
Real-Time OS RTEMS       oarcorp
Debian Ada policy     Cheddar is a free real time scheduling simulator
AVR-Ada gcc-GNAT on AVR Microcontrollers     USBprog
Green Hills (RTOS,embedded)
ARINC 653 (Avionics Application Standard Software Interface)
BUSH vs. Ada 95 (Business Shell)
Ada Compilers:
AdaMULTI_IDE Green Hills
Janus Ada95 compiler Randy Brukardt (A 32 Bit DOS Extender is included)
OC Systems powerada (Oliver E. Cole)
AdaMagic Sofcheck
IBM Rational
ICC Ada - Irvine Compiler Corporation
Atego Aonix ObjectAda ptc-to-acquire-atego
GNAT: gnat-gpl-edition ACT in New York with a GNAT Programming System GPS ;-) Download GNAT GPL and SPARK GPL Editions
AdaCore (GNAT Pro) ACT Europe
retired gnatpmake automated gnatmake environment (.adapath) by Simon Wright who points to GNAT-Project-Manager has old gnat3.15p has old gnat3.15p
The Libre Site for GNAT
GNAT for OpenVMS
broken link 20100727ph-->     James Hopper
GNAT Packages (Dep. of Computer and Information Science, Linkoeping Universitet)
A Detailed Description of the GNU Ada Run Time       Javier Miranda
FSF GNU Visual Debugger GVD

GUI and Graphics(Grafik, Ada graphic tools' summary):
Adagide     Adagide home   , Rapid Home ( TCL/TK , TASH )   asharp,   raptor,   robot   mcc ada_stuff   mcc-sounds   by Dr. Martin C. Carlisle
GNAVI   ( GWindows Gwenerator)   Win32 RAD Ada 95 GUI Development Framework
GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+
LinXtris multi-platform Tetris clone written in Ada95 and Gtkada
Win_IO a free set of packages for simple graphical input and output based on GtkAda and portable within Unix, Linux and Windows platforms
JEWL (simple GUI) ( by John English 's Window Library seems to be lost 20130417ph)
adaopengl     OpenGL
Adabindx -- an Ada-binding to the X Window System and *tif ( mailto:Hans-Frieder Vogt )
Adagraph (Win only)       Jerry's Ada on Win32 Page       Jerry van Dijk integrated tool for remote sensing, image-processing, Geographical Information Sciences GIS analysis.
GUIBUILDER VAD Visual Ada Developer Leonid Dulman with links2TCL/TK

SOCI-Ada - The Database Access Library for Ada Maciej Sobczak (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
APQ binding to PostgreSQL and MySQL by Warren W. Gay
GNADE (GNat Ada Database Environment) source code distrib for win+linux

Distributed, Communication:
AdaMPI Binding of MPI to Ada95 by Ken Thomas
PolyORB heterogeneous distributed applications and middleware (OMG CORBA, Web Services, Message Oriented Middleware MOM, API, Java Remote Method Invocation RMI, middleware interoperability M2M, Distributed Systems Annex of Ada95 DSA, SOAP, GIOP, IIOP TCP/IP, DIOP UDP/IP, MIOP/UIPMC, DROOPI, AWS, ENST Paris, LIP6)

Ada Tools, Libraries, and Methods:
One mention of ASIS and some mentions of recursive descent parsers have been made. I shall state advice for you in a more direct manner.
Do not write anything based on Lex and YACC. They are for bottom-up designs.
Learn how to do top-down parsing or otherwise be damned to never write an unbuggy parser. 20080822 comp.lang.ada

AdaDesigner Ada refactoring framework
GNATGPR access GPR project information
OpenToken creation of token analyzers (lexical analyzers) by Ted Dennison
Stephe's Ada Library SAL ada.wizard, webcheck auto_text_io (Stephen Leake)
AdaGOOP Ada Generator of Object-Oriented Parsers by Martin Carlisle
aflex and ayacc by John Self
Handling Physical Dimensions in Ada AI324, SI units, Grein, Wilson
AWS Ada Web Server (Web development framework)   Dmitriy Anisimkov   Pascal Obry
Gwiad extends Ada Web Services (AWS) with dynamic plugin loading Olivier Ramonat
Charles Ada container library modeled on the C++ STL by Matthew J. Heaney
XMLBooster for Ada (raincode)
Gem #19: XML streaming of Ada objects Pascal Obry
TextTools TM Ncurses-based Mouse-Windows Toolkit (Pegasoft) Ken O. Burtch
Ada 2005 Math Extensions by simonjwright: An additional overloaded procedure Eigensystem returns the complex eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a non-symmetric real matrix.
Ada and Software Engineering Library Version 2 (ASE2) Card Catalog by Richard Conn (+ VHDL) (former Public Ada Library (PAL))
Ada and Assembler (ASM)

Noncommercial applications in Ada and Open Source Projects: (see also "Games")
Scala powerful software tool for experimentation with musical tunings developed in Ada with excellent free tools

Ada Products and Companies:
Adaware Australia
Ada med with ppt-Presentation on XML API including audio   Newport Instruments rleif
XD Ada

Ada aware companies and use of Ada in products:
Wind River VxWorks 653 Platform windriver's safety_critical_arinc_653
hubersn-software CDBurn - CD writing on RISC OS Steffen Huber     NEW
iFACTS NATS pioneers biggest ATC advance since radar (Air Traffic Control)
iFACTS atc-training-nats-looks-to-future.html
PolySpace for Ada run time error detection
ESA's Cassini-Huygens software in Ada
compression SAKDC LZRW Ross N. Williams (patents crypt)
ZanyBlue Ada libraries towards a finite element framework

Ada jobs:

More Ada Links and Lists:
AdaBrowse is a free javadoc-like HTML generator for Ada 95 library unit specifications. It can also generate XML output; a DTD is included in the distribution.

Ada2005 standard and standardization activities:
NA 043-01-22 AA Homepage: DIN NIA-01-22 "Programmiersprachen" (ehemals NI22)       ISO ANSI Spiegelgremien
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 ISO home of Ada Standards
Ada2005 survey: adagermany2004rev3.pdf by Tucker Taft (abstract)
ISO Web Site
ISO Directives
ITTF Web site of publicly available standards
JTC1 Web Site
SC22 Web Site
WG9 Web Site
Ada Conformity Assessment Standard by Randy Brukardt (ACATS)
ACAA Ada Conformity Assessment Authority Ada2005, ARG, ACATS Ada Comments ACs, Ada Issues AIs
Ada Comment AC-00070: Number_Base enlargement
      subtype ada.text_io.Number_Base is Integer range 2 .. 36; -- A.10.1 (06)
ACAA Web Site
ACAA Web Site for ARG Minutes
ACAA Web Site for AIs
ACAA Web Site for Amendment
Ada-Europe Web Site
SIGAda Web Site
SIGAda 2009 Conference Web Site conference
GHDL home, VHDL+GHDL-docu,
appletmagic Java Applets by Ada: e.g. The Game of Life and its source, Mancala and its source
Multilanguage Programming on the JVM: The Ada 95 Benefits
Write It in Ada -- Run It on the Java Virtual Machine
ada-java_interfacing_suite (JGNAT: GNAT for Java)
Who Killed the Software Engineer? by James Maguire (quoting Robert Dewar: Computer Science Education: Where are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?)
software engineering, quality, reliability, Safety and Security, magazines, experiences, Gedanken:
TheSoftwareQualityIceberg by Ronny De Winter
Correctness by Construction: Better Can Also Be Cheaper Peter Amey, Praxis Critical Systems, Spark, Crosstalk March 2002 (see also Amey@ Praxis Critical Systems)
CrossTalk 2006 August: special issue on Ada 2005
SEPR and Programming Language Selection by Richard Riehle in Crosstalk200302
Ada in the 21st Century, Benjamin M. Brosgol in Crosstalk200103
STC (STSC, et. al.) Whither Ada? by Ben Brosgol, STC 2001, Salt Lake City On Understanding Types, Data Abstraction, and Polymorphism by Luca Cardelli and Peter Wegner 1985
Ada Magica AdaMagica by Christoph Grein
Software Engineering of High Quality Software caress Corporation S. Ron Oliver
sharp opinions: Ada versus c/c++/java (teamada20010202.txt)
AdaSage Experiences: Ada pilot project at HQ Pacific Air Forces: lessons learned during developmemt
Softwarezuverlässigkeit gestern, heute und morgen (Ingolf Giese ueber Mariner 1, Ariane 501)
The Full Report for Ariane 501 software engineering lessons learned

Altran Praxis is former Praxis Critical Systems     The SPARK Book High Integrity Software John Barnes     Tokeneer Discovery: A SPARK Tutorial
OpenAmeos/UML for Ada 95 (C, C++, Java) (EJB,CORBA,.NET)
Artisan Real-Time Studio
excelsoftware UML Ada Modeling, Code Gen, Reengineering
teaching (Lehre,education):
A Principled Approach to Software Engineering Education, or Java considered Harmful by Edmund Schonberg and Robert Dewar
ada java comparisons (teaching, jvm, concurrency) by Ben Brosgol et al
A practical comparison between Java and Ada in implementing a real-time embedded system 2003 E. Potratz
A Comparison of Ada and Real-Time Java(TM) for Safety-Critical Applications 2006 Ben Brosgol, Andy Wellings
ACM Computing Curricula 2005
Einf. Informatik   Index by Lagally in German language
The case for Ada at the USAF academy
( Folien)   short introduction (kurze Einführung) Ada lectures in German language
Software Engineering Education: On the Right Track John W. McCormick (model railroad provides an exciting environment for teaching a course in real-time embedded systems)
Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by Peter Norvig

Choice of Programming Languages
The Transparent Language Popularity Index by gdemont

appletmagic Java Applets by Ada: e.g. The Game of Life and its source, Mancala and its source
AdaOthello by Adrian Hoe

History: poet Lord Byron, Charles Babbage (in deutsch)

science fiction:
Pragma Interface (Josella Simone Playton)
antiquated and historical items:
Fortran: Fortran to Ada95 Translator f2a donated by       okellogg's Ada related perl scripts
Fortran: (commercially from Fortran to Ada)
Fortran: C c2ada by NasserAbbasi
Comparing Development Costs of C and Ada(Zeigler)
Top 10 Ways to get screwed by C     NEW
C++ compared to Ada (AdaIC)
C++ compared to Ada and Java (Steelman)
C++ Joyner-Cplusplus-critique-v3.pdf
COBOL: Information Systems (Rationale)
COBOL: interface package (Rationale)
COBOL: cobol_picture in Ada by Heike Xander see
Pascal: P2Ada Pascal-to-Ada by Gautier de Montmollin
Ada ancient: (David Botton's Treasury) is not up-to-date. (Stephane Richard) is not up-to-date.
The ancient Adahome of the Brave is not up-to-date.
humor, jokes:
Ada and Babbage implement exception handling
Ada bottles of beer       Ada multitasking bottles of beer (-: protected eggshell or The Eggshell Model with Graphical Representation :-)
FORTRAN: GO TO - less programming by COME FROM statement
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If you assume that Ada was designed by dolts who didn't care about things like memory mapped arrays, or efficiency, then you will spend your time fighting the Ada compiler, trying to do things in your old ways. If you assume instead that Ada was designed by bright people for use in embedded systems where access to the hardware, and efficiency, are common requirements, and that millions of lines of such applications are running quite successfully, then you should ask yourself how you, too, can benefit from using Ada features to attack your problems. comp.lang.ada Ada is getting more popular! Thu, 14 Oct 2010

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